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New Year....New Look!

The New Year brings about resolutions and new beginnings.  It's a great time to make updates and purge unwanted or unused things around the house. Take this time of renewed  excitement and channel your inner Martha Stewart! We often tell our clients to focus on one room at a time. The thought of purging the whole house can seem overwhelming, but if you start small (think hall closets) and work up from there, you will see your progress and feel empowered to continue. 

Here are a few tips we've found helpful in our own homes...

Tip#1: Don't try to do it all in one weekend! It sounds like a great idea, but by hour 5 you've lost your desire and will become distracted and overwhelmed. Instead, take 2-3 hours and focus on ONE project or room! 

Tip #2:  Make a list. You should write down your top priorities in organizing your home. Is your focus the kitchen? Is it the kids rooms? Do you want to organize all your closets? Pick a few priorities and focus on them. 

Tip #3: Start with the big items. Think about going through your closet... get rid of old coats and jackets first, so you immediately start to see results. Next focus on the bottom of your closet and work your way up. With each item, ask yourself if it fits, is it damaged, have I worn it in the last 6 months. 

Tip #4: Start with the drawers. When you move to a full room purge, start with the drawers.  Empty the drawers and ask yourself if each item belongs in that room, have you used it in the last 6 months, do you really need or want it? Separate into "keep", "donate", and "trash". 

Tip #5: Go through paper items. It feels good to clear out old bills, documents, kids school projects and receipts. Piles can start to build up when you don't immediately file it away. Most bills are now online, so you don't need to keep old bills. Documents can be scanned to a thumb drive and take pictures of your kids school projects so you can just keep the really special ones! 

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