Make you home stand out with The Scoville Foley Team of Signature Homes Real Estate Group!

Our clients LOVE the way their homes are listed, marketed and sold!

Why? Because Carrie, Amy and the marketing team at The Scoville Foley Team use state of the art marketing techniques that work and a consistent, tried and true approach to selling your home. We want our listings to stand out from the crowd, so we  have raised the bar when it comes to advertising our listings. 

Not only do we send our listings to the most trafficked websites, but we also create a custom, robust and engaging marketing plan for each of our listings. This allows us to promote the unique and compelling facts about our homes in a format that we control to highlight and accentuate the positives that present your home in the best light.



If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that buyers want to see rich media... and lots of it.

Every listing we take receives professional photography; that's been a standard of ours for years. 


The biggest reason we're able to attract so much attention is because we can control the presentation of it on our website.

The MLS, listing portals, and most broker sites all pretty much follow the same standard formatting. We're not given the freedom to change too much on sites we don't control.

On, the shackles have been released and we're free to show your home the way we envision it. Buyers love images so we offer large, clear quality images to showcase your home perfectly. 


For some of our listings, the view or neighborhood is a huge selling point. We use drone photography and video for those homes that need to show potential buyers the unique location the home is located. 


How do we get buyers to our website to see it? We employ a few different strategies, but chief among them is Facebook marketing. 

We understand that people don't go to Facebook to buy a home, but we know the people who are buying a home are on Facebook!

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We also have an easy to search platform that makes it desirable for people to use our website to do all their home searching! 


The Scoville Foley Team is dedicated to making the communities they serve better. As the #1 agents in Scarborough, we give to a variety of nonprofits and school boosters over the course of the year. 


All the marketing in the world won't matter if you don't have the right agent representing you. We have an entire team of full-time Realtors who take their jobs very seriously. When you hire one of us, you get us all!